Monday, July 20, 2009

Remembering Heaven--Almost

Life is good--I am happy. The weather stinks, but then what can I expect? It is Arizona, the desert, in the middle of the hottest part of the year. We had a nice little "achoo" from heaven tonight. It made the earth smell incredible. What is it about rain that makes us think of heaven? Did it really smell like that there? They say that smell is the strongest of the senses for bringing back memories. Is it possible that Heavenly Father wanted us to remember in some way a part of who we are?

Every once in a while, do you ever get the feeling that you can almost remember something, like it's on the edge of your brain, just getting ready to peek around a corner and say, "Boo! Remember this?" But the more you try to get a closer look the farther away the corner becomes. Or have you ever felt like someone was looking over your shoulder and you turn to see who it is, and no one is there? Oh, good, I thought perhaps I was going crazy. I'm glad you've felt something like that.

Do you ever miss heaven? Is it possible to miss some place you can't remember at all? Do you ever get those yearnings to return home, but know that you have to stay here for the duration. Do you ever wonder how long your duration is? Some days I wish it was short, that is until I look into the faces of my grandchildren.

Oh, speaking of children--do you think a baby's skin smells like heaven? I think Heavenly Father must have given them that delectable aroma so that we won't completely forget heaven. Do you think your spirit remembers perfectly what heaven is like and tries to remind you from time to time?

According to my friend Theresa, who is the heaven/earth time specialist, I've only been here about an hour and 10 minutes. That shouldn't be long enough to forget heaven, right? Then why can't I seem to grasp it? Oh, well...

Also according to Theresa, I should be going back in about another hour or so. I guess I should start packing. Let's see, what will I need. Hmmm...nope can't take that favorite painting, or my toothbrush. What will I take? How about my love for my husband...yes I think that will fit in my suitcase. This will squeeze in right next to it, love of children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, aunts uncles,, I didn't realize I had so many family members. I hope they'll all fit. Oh, and then there's all those amazing friends I've made along the way. Do you think they'll fit too? What about my love of God? Country? Learning?

Something amazing is happening to my suitcase. The more love I put in it, the bigger it's getting. I'm so excited to get back and show my Savior all my souvenirs of love. I think He'll like them. I hope so. In the meantime I think I'll see just how much love I can fit in there.


  1. Lovely... and really awesome things to consider. I need to remember it more. AND I need to get to the temple.
    Whenever you go... call me...I like having people to go with.

  2. Loved your post! One of the stories I'm working on is called "Homesick" about a girl longing for her "other home" in heaven. I remember as a young girl longing to be back home with Heavenly Father and wishing there was a way I could be back with Him but take my family with me. There is! I just have to be patient. :)

    Chris B.