Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Beginning!

And so begins my journey as a soon to be published author! I've signed my contract, met with my editor, Linda Mullineaux and my marketing director Amy Orton, both incredible women. I get butterflies in my tummy (I really do) when I daydream about my book cover. I can hardly wait to see how amazing it is. If you've looked at the covers already done by Walnutsprings Press, you know what I mean! Incredible!

I hope you will come back frequently, leave a comment--virtual pats on the back are always welcome.

To my family:

Thanks for your support, love and encouragement.

Betsy Love
LDS Author

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Fair Godmother Giveaway

Jeanette Rallison, one of my favorite authors, is hosting a giveaway on her blogsite!
You can find her at:
If you haven't read her work, you will love her writing. Her sense of humor keeps the reader giggling all the way through...and who doesn't need a good laugh!
Leave a comment and she'll put you in the drawing, become a follower and you get in twice. And if you're really anxious to win post a link to her website in you blogspot, like me, and you'll get 4 chances. Hey, I'm greedy...can't help!
Love you tons my fellow yellow!