Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ANWA Writer's Retreat-or why have I been so silent?

Our gorgeous cabin

Last week was amazing to say the least! What happens when you get 32 women together in 5000+ square foot cabin, loaded with plenty of snacks, and great classes on writing and creativity? You get a retreat to die for.
Did I mention snacks?

You'd think that putting that many women together would be nothing but chatter. But what if those women are writers? What if they have a passion for the story? They ignore each other during quiet writing times and only the sound of laptop keys clicking away and pens scratching on paper is heard.
The kitchen-darling, huh?

For me it was an incredibly productive week. During that time I managed to pump out over ten thousand words, and that was in only 3 days. Imagine what I could do if I was on retreat every week. Alas my dear family needs me. (Yes, I did come home to a yucky house).
The Gals!

But with all said, I came away with a great grip on my new story. I advanced the plot, and got to know the characters better.