Sunday, April 1, 2012

National Poetry Month

April!! Not only is it a great month because it's my birthday--gifts graciously accepted, but it's National Poetry Month. I know, I know...not a poet you say? Me either! I'd like to give a good try, but I don't know that I'll post one every day. Stephanie Abney  is my inspiration and you can check out her blog for the poetry challenge of the day. So here is what I wrote, per her prompt which is to write a couplet.

I can write poetry, dad-gum-it!
Everyone thinks I can write a great poem.
Haha, says I'll, and then I'll show 'em!

Laugh if you want! Go ahead, get it out of your system.
Come back tomorrow and let's see if I can top that!

So what couplet did you write? Post it in your comments.


  1. You are so clever and cute, Betsy! Go to my blog and see what I've left for you.

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