Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Too Busy to Blog

What happens when you're in the middle of final edits, galley's and all the amazing happenings when a brand new author gets a book published? I'll tell you, the blog goes to pot. But I am truly excited. Today I got to see my cover for the first time. I stared at it for almost a full two minutes. Then I did this really weird thing. I walked into the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror walked back to the computer, continued to stare at it for another minute. Then as calm as could be I went to my son in the other room and said, "I have something I want you to see." I think I was in shock. As we both stood there looking at it, I started crying. Then I started giggling, then I started dancing around the room! This was MY book cover. My honest to goodness book cover. And soon my words will be inside of it and sitting on a shelf in a book store!!!!!!! (I know better than to use that many exclamation points, but hey, I can...that's how excited I am.) So here is my book cover.


  1. So exciting! I had a phone consult today about my book cover, so I can imagine how you feel! What a wonderful accomplishment - congratulations. Look forward to following your progress- though I know, it IS hard to keep up blogging when so much else is going on. But your readers are interested, so keep on sharing.

  2. What a fabulous book cover! I love how the woman is rocking those sunglasses. It makes me want to get a pair just like them ;)